• $90- 1/hour Small Party (6-10 guests)
  • $125- 1.5/hour Party (10-15 guests)
  • $170- 2/hour Party (up to 25 guests)
  • $190- 2/hour Large Party (40+ guests),                                                  *This option is generally for typical Corporate Events, Free-to-the Public Events, Festivals, School Carnivals, etc.
  • Balloon twisting $100/hour per artist
SFX airbrushed makeup & costumes please fill contact form for a quote specific to your project.
Need multiple artists? No problem!
We partner with the best talent in our area, and can accommodate any size event. 
Occasionally, there is a travel fee for locations that are out of area, depending on the artist, but this is rare.
What to expect for a private party:
High quality detail! This includes a mix of awesome full faces, detailed masks, fancy eye designs, festival glitters, and the "wow" factor. Guests are welcome to request custom designs.
What to expect for a large event,  corporate party or free-to-the public :
This "speed painting" option is perfect for parties of 40+ guests (2/hour minimum). We offer a mix of our quickest designs, 1/4-eye & cheek art to ensure all of your guests get done in time. 
*Parties with over 26 guests are quoted under the large event rate.
*Multiple artists available:
     Face Painters
     Balloon Twisters
     Caricature Artists








*Discounted rates (limited availability) may be an option for certain non-profit organizations and some charity events. Please include your budget when inquiring for a quote.






For high-quality inflatables contact:

Angelitos Jumpers (801) 809-6813 ask for Miguel


2010 - present

2010 - present

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